Parque del Estrecho - Fuerte Bulnes

One of the most recreational trips you can take, only 53 kms south of our Cabo de Hornos Hotel, is to Parque del Estrecho Fuerte Bulnes, rich in historical treasures, which will feel like a journey to the past.
You will reach an expansive park brimming with trails and panoramic viewpoints, as well as natural and heritage routes inviting you to wander freely at your own pace at this remote corner of the world.

Follow the main trail leading to an exact replica of Fort Bulnes, the inaugural Chilean settlement established by the crew of schooner Ancud in 1843. This historic site marks Chile's claim over the Strait of Magellan and adjacent territories. As you explore, you will gain insight into the formidable challenges faced by early settlers amidst relentless weather and isolation, ultimately leading to the development of Punta Arenas in its current location. Enhance your journey with a visit to the park's interpretative center, with enriching information of the Strait of Magellan’s flora and fauna.

Fun fact: on the way to the Strait Park, you will come across a monument marking Chile’s geographic center, spanning from Arica in the north to Antarctica in the south. Who could say we’re in a peripheral region?



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