Not-to-be-missed excursions from Punta Arenas

Park of the Strait of Magellan - Fort Bulnes Park

Only 53 km south of our Cabo de Hornos Hotel, you can visit one of the most beautiful, recreational and historical tours in the region: Park of the Strait of Magellan.

You will reach an extensive park full of trails, viewpoints, natural and heritage trails that you can walk freely and at your own pace enjoying a landscape typical of the end of the world.

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The Penguins on Magdalena Island

Leaving Punta Arenas and after two hours of beautiful sailing, you will arrive at the Magdalena Island Natural Monument, a sanctuary for Magellanic penguins. Walking along the trails of the island you will enjoy the observation of up to 70,000 penguins in their natural habitat; you will see them walking, building their nests, talking, taking care of their young, bathing and you will see how you fall in love with the sympathy of each one of them.

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Magallanes Reserve

Come and see where we, the people of Magallanes, go on summer weekends to walk, camp, have picnics and enjoy with our friends and family.

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King Penguin Park

Being in front of a colony of King Penguins is something that takes your breath away. This is the second largest penguin species among the 18 that exist in the world, reaching a size of up to 70 centimeters; however, its majesty is not only due to its size but also to the elegance of its movements, its yellow scarf and its trumpet-like singing. 

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San Isidro Lighthouse Trekking

The excursion begins early in the morning, to travel by car around 75 km, where the road ends and the trek begins. This takes place on the beach, for around 3 kilometres that can take approximately 1,5 hours. The access to this lighthouse is located at southern tip of the Brunswick Peninsula and it used to be a vital reference point for the ships that dared to cross the Strait of Magellan at the beginning of the century.

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Navigation and trekking Cape Froward

A navigation of contemplation, photography and adventure trough the Strait of Magellan to reach the southernmost point of America´s land and ascend walking to the summit of the Cape, where we will find the Cross of the Seas trough a trekking of approximately 1, 5 hour, afetr we´ll access to privileged view of the iconic interoceanic passage and the island that surround it.

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Whale Watching

Just 40 minutes south of Punta Arenas you can observe the most beautiful dance of cetaceans in our seas. Humpback Whales, Cormorants, Skuas, Petrels, Albatrosses, Sea Lions, Elephant Seals and even groups of Orcas are what you will find during the navigation in the Francisco Coloane Marine Park, a protected area so that our marine animals can feed safely and their observation is practically guaranteed.

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Condor Sightings

Our condors are known for being the largest flying birds in the world and watching their flight highlights this. 

78 km north of our hotel, at Estancia Olga Teresa ranch, you will be able to observe them at their best in Punta Arenas due to its easy access and protection of the area. On Palomares Hill, a natural wall full of niches, you will be able to see condors in their natural state: perching, nesting and observing their future prey.

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Pali Aike National Park

Pali-Aike is one of our least visited national parks in the area given its remoteness from Punta Arenas at 196 km to the northwest, however, if you have time, it is a place we recommend you discover.

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Life on an Estancia

The development of the sheep activity in our region was organized from the beginning in Estancias, large territories where the administration, the workers' houses, the shearing sheds, the wool warehouses and the grease factories where butter is produced were installed.

If you are interested in learning more about them, especially about shearing and lambing, we invite you to live this experience, where you can soak up our Patagonian activity.

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Austral Dolphin Sighting on the Strait Of Magellan

Live an unique  selling experience in  a rigid inflatable boat, "OCHEN" through the waters of the Strait of Magellan in a tour contemplating sea wild life among the kelp forest,

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