Magallanes Reserve

Discover a natural gem, cherished by the locals as their go-to destination for summer escapades to camp or have picnics with family and friends. Just 8 kilometers from downtown lies one of our best-kept secrets: a natural reserve that swiftly transports you from city bustle to the serene embrace of a Patagonian forest. Here, among tall Lengas, Coigues, and Ñirres, our iconic regional fauna and avian treasures await discovery. You can opt from numerous trails ideal for hiking or biking, seamlessly integrated into the famed "Senderos de Chile" (Chilean Trails) network, which connects the nation on foot.

Anecdotally, the reserve is traversed by the "Río de las Minas", where coal was found many years ago. This event played a pivotal role in the decision to relocate the city from Fort Bulnes to its present site in 1848.

Reserva N. Magallanes Ñuble Chile